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Caption 1. Signing of the National Decent Work Program 2019-2022

Today in the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, the representatives of the social partners signed the National Decent Work Program 2019-2022, which is a result of the consultations with the representatives of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, trade unions and employers' associations.

The National Decent Work Program reflects the priorities of the Government and the social partners, among which is the improved labor market management through enhanced role of the Economic and Social Council, stronger social partners and harmonized labor legislation with international labor standards and EU legislation, as well as providing more and better jobs, local employment partnerships, skill prediction system and policy and OHS measures based on international labor standards and EU legislation.

The signing of the National Decent Work Program 2019-2022, was attended by the Regional ILO Director for Europe and Central Asia, Heinz Kohler, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Mila Carovska, the President of CCM, Darko Dimovski, the President of ORM, Angel Dimitrov, as well as other representatives of trade unions and employers.

The President of CCM, Darko Dimovski in his address noted that CCM fully accepts and promoted the implementation of the ILO's decent work concept, which is based on the need for decent work and complete social security and protection of the workers as a precondition for greater labor productivity in companies and creating a balanced relationship between workers and employers. The decent work principles are part of the statutory tasks of CCM, which promotes democracy, equal opportunities for all, and prohibition of all forms of discrimination.

Caption 2. President Dimovski at the signing of the NDWP

In order to realize these priorities, a full and comprehensive engagement of the social partners is needed, which will be aimed at improving the labor legislation by adopting a new Labor Law harmonized and adapted to the EU law and international labor standards, creating employment strategies and policies especially for young people and socially vulnerable categories, reduction of poverty, ensuring wage growth, and equal pay for equally valued jobs, providing healthy and safe and working conditions, social security and adjustment of the needs of the work process with the family needs of the workers.

CCM promotes the social dialogue, cooperation between the ESC and the Government, as well as cooperation and joint action of the ESC and LESS established in the municipalities.

In order to implement all this, we need to strengthen the capacities of the unions and employers' organizations; to increase our membership and to actively participate in the social dialogue at all levels. Also, the improvement of the collective bargaining should be an important challenge in the cooperation between the social partners.

By signing of the Program, we confirm the full commitment of the social partners for the realization of the activities of the program, but we will also strive for accountability for the work of all relevant stakeholders in charge of the realization of the agreed priorities.

Capiton 3. Statement for the media by the President Dimovski


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