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Seminar “young people in the labor market”


"Young people in the labor market" is the theme of the seminar held today in the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, organized by the Youth Section of CCM. The seminar was attended by President of CCM Zivko Mitrevski and members of the Women Section CCM, who were invited because of the closeness of conditions that affect both young people and women.

Lecturers at the seminar were Emil Krstanovski, National coordinator of the International Labour Organisation in Macedonia, who spoke on "Youth in the heart of decent work", and Aleksandar Ristovski, whose theme was "Modern trends of development of working relationships".

Coordinator of the ILO Emil Krstanovski introduced the attendees to the principles of operation and engagement of ILO in Macedonia, with special emphasis on cooperation between ILO and CCM. He noted that youth and  women around the world, as well as in Macedonia, ate the two vulnerable groups that need attention. One of the consequences of the position of youth in the state is the high level of immigration in Western countries. Krstanovski said that the position of youth on the labor market and the brain drain can be one of the main agendas of the CCM Youth section.

Aleksandar Ristovski talked about new trends and patterns of labor contracts in the world. He explained flexible working hours and part-time work, phenomena receiving new shapes and forms around the world. Macedonia can not stay out of the movements of globalization, as economic dislocation, the mobility of enterprises and other modern phenomena in the world, so all those new concepts should be applied and active in Macedonian legislation.

In terms of social dialogue Ristovski emphasized that with no developed social dialogue there cannot exist good labor legislation.

Youth section also constituted its Secretariat, elected its members and defined priority areas for future activities.

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