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The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia on 09.07.2020 once again publicly announced its proposals regarding the introduction of several retirement conditions in the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, immediately after the election of the new Government.

What we did for the workers yesterday, we are doing it today, and shall continue doing tomorrow.

The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, as the only representative Union in the country, always fights for workers’ rights, especially in this period, conveying the requests of the workers, members of SSM and demanded that despite the current retirement condition, additional conditions to be introduced in the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance:

1. Age pension – years of service

• 35 years of service - woman - regardless of age

• 40 years of service - a man - regardless of age

2. Age pension - by age or length of service - by activities/ sectors

The workers in the country are employed in different sectors and perform different working tasks. Therefore, it is necessary the law to provide several retirement conditions for different categories of workers (construction, textile, miners, administration etc). If different retirement conditions are determined, workers shall have the right to choose, it will depend only on the will of the employee under what conditions she/he will want to retire. and shall not be applied mandatory

3. Early Age pension

It is proposed to introduce the right to early retirement workers who would be eligible after the age of 60, with a minimum of 15 years of service.

Beneficiaries of early retirement pensions may be workers who work but cannot continue to work for certain reasons (health, work, and cannot be declared disabled due to bankruptcy or liquidation) or are unemployed and meet the requirement - minimum 15 years of work experience. This type of pension would be realized only at the will and request of the employee.

This retirement requirement in almost all European Union countries is known as a general retirement condition and it is met at the age of 60.

4. Incomplete Age pension

• to enable workers to pay the pension and disability insurance contribution themselves if they have not met the requirement of at least 15 years of service,

• the right to self-payment of the contribution, to be applied to workers who lack up to 3 years of work experience from the minimum 15, and meet the age requirement (62, i.e. 64 years).

5. Introduction of beneficial years of service for construction workers as well as other activities where work tasks take place in particularly difficult working conditions that are detrimental to the life and health of workers.

Such demands of SSM have been transformed into requests, based on the analyzes we have been doing for more than 10 years and we point out that only through the Social Dialogue we can find sound solutions for the good of the Macedonian workers.



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