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According to the new calculation, one official with his salary covers two and a half Union minimum baskets, or one official according to the latest calculations is worth as much as a family of ten and he can cover the basic expenses of two and a half family households with just one salary, and according to the calculations for the amount of the Union minimum basket of the Minister of Economy, one official salary covers three Union minimum baskets.

"The Minister of Finance will not respect the Decision of the Constitutional Court and will not pay increased salaries to the officials for whose calculation the basic net salary is a calculation coefficient unit and is multiplied by the average salary and will only increase their salaries linearly by 2,175 denars.

The government continues with its efforts to find the methodology for the calculation of official salaries and will first seek a systemic solution for officials to get their salaries adjusted to the increase in the minimum wage, which is expected to be determined by December this year, after which their salaries will be adjusted for 2,175 denars, and until then the officials will have to trust themselves that they will receive the adjustment of their salaries."

These activities are carried out by the Government on the occasion of April 1st (joke day).

Unions and workers have May 1st, International Labor Day when they express their displeasure about their labor rights, and officials have April 1st – the joke day when their statements and policies are real and sustained.

Unfortunately, the reality is quite the opposite, that is, certain rules apply to civil servants, their salaries can have the average salary as the basic salary by which the complexity coefficient is multiplied, and for workers, the minimum salary must not even be the basic salary by which the complexity factor is multiplied.

The government can disobey laws and collective agreements when it means raising and harmonizing workers' wages, and it must obey laws and court decisions when civil servants' wages rise disproportionately in proportion to workers' wages.

It is inhumane and inhuman for the officials to enjoy and for the workers to survive!

We remind you that it is the workers who elect the officials, not the other way around!

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