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The healthcare workers announced radical measures and a general strike, after they did not receive the promised salary increase and after the Government and the Ministry of Health lied and manipulated them and did not increase their salaries, but increased their salaries by 2000 denars per day or by 78% monthly.

The uncertainty surrounding the increase in the salaries of healthcare workers continues, and the annex to the collective agreement, with which the increase should be implemented, has not yet been signed, it is uncertain how the April salary will be paid, Ljubisa Karanfilovski, president of Independent trade union for health, pharmacy, and social protection and Predrag Serafimovski, president of the Clinical Trade Union.

The union representatives clarified that what the employees expect is what was agreed upon, an increased salary for April and a salary difference from the previous month.

- Health is a sensitive and important system, a pillar of the state, the union representatives emphasized.

Karanfilovski reminded us that there have been two protests so far and that currently, a so-called white or silent strike is happening in healthcare, which means demotivation of the employees, who still conscientiously provide healthcare services to patients, but their enthusiasm is lost.

According to their latest information, the Ministry of Health was waiting for a written opinion from the Health Insurance Fund and the Ministry of Finance, in order to proceed to sign, and as information and conclusion about the increase, it was passed to the Government. The hope was expressed that it would not come to that, that the most radical step, a general strike, would have to be taken.

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