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We are witnessing that the government, without shame or sense of responsibility, convince the workers that an increase in wages should be waited for and that everything should go gradually and slowly, at the expense of the enormous increase of 78% of their wages, which was realized immediately and for which the holders the authorities do not need to wait.

Without shame and a sense of responsibility, the government will make slaves out of the workers in their own country who will work 12 hours a day just for the sake of fulfilling someone's business interests, under the guise of national interest.

All these reasons, the discriminatory attitude of the government, and the lack of hearing about the existential needs of the workers resulted in a large number of strikes and protests organized by the workers and unions, primarily by the SSM and the unions united in the SSM.

Due to the injustices towards the workers on May Day, starting at 12:00 in front of the SSM building in Skopje, we are organizing a PROTEST under the motto WORKERS ARE THE COUNTRY, at which all of us, workers, trade unions, citizens, and trade unionists, should stand and show unity and solidarity and prevent bad intentions and government policies.

The May Day protest organized by the oldest and most numerous trade union in the country, SSM, is the only way for the government to hear the voice of all of us, workers and citizens, because we believe that the practice characteristic of the past period continues, namely that our social partners, employers and the holders of legislative and executive power do not listen to the problems of the workers and the people, but only and exclusively work for their own interests, and because of such attitude, the protests will continue at an increased pace even after May 1.

We believe that the increase in officials' salaries by 78% or 2,000 denars per day, the introduction of a 12-hour working day for a large number of workers, the fact that they lied to the healthcare workers and did not increase their salaries, the fact that they did not conclude the General Collective Agreement for the public sector with which every employee will have the right to K-15, are enough motive and more than a reason to go out to protest in the street and express dissatisfaction!


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