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In order to prevent the confiscation of the Workers' Home, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) submitted before the Basic Civil Court Skopje a motion for repetition of the procedure with the request that this motion be submitted to the Supreme Court as soon as possible in order to act quickly and efficiently.

Among other things, Trendafilov pointed out that in a maximum of a week and a half, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) will start a series of protests that will culminate in a large workers' protest on May 1, and he appealed all trade unions including the ones that are not affiliated in The Federation to take part in the protests.

“The Presidency and Council of The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM) unanimously made a decision to organize a series of protests that will culminate in a large workers' protest on May 1. There are many reasons for these planned series of protests, mainly because the patience of the workers’ is running out, we can no longer comply with the policies that are being carried out, especially in the judicial system when there is a decision for confiscation of the Workers’ Home and all this is clearly at the workers’ detriment. We cannot agree with and carry out many policies no matter on central or local level, because most of them include procedures that will mean a reduction in workers' wages in the near future. The protests will be with an open invitation to all trade unions in the Republic of North Macedonia, not only the trade unions from The Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia (SSM), but we also invite KSS, KSOM, UNASM and all other branch trade unions that are not united in any federation, union or confederation, to support us and to join such protests. These moments, especially due to the electoral process, are moments when the workers’ can make it clear to all those who want to be in power, that we can’t have corrupt judiciary anymore, that we will not accept policies that will lead to more reduction of the wages, that the policy makers should be stopped from working and doing everything in their power just to create their own benefits, on the contrary the benefits of all workers’ and citizens must be their number one priority” emphasized Trendafilov.

Answering questions from journalists regarding the confiscation of the Workers' Home, the president pointed that "we see the proposal to repeat the procedure as the only way we can make right all the vagueness and impreciseness of the judges that are outside the legal framework and legal reason, because yes, every judge should have their free will when deciding but this cannot be stronger than the documents offered as evidences, than The Constitution of our country, than the decisions of the Constitutional Court or than the laws that were applied before and today".

"It is obvious that the dilemmas of these three judges who passed such a shameful judgment to confiscate the Workers' Home should be further clarified. In this we expect the law and the justice to finally win. I appeal both to the Supreme Court in general, especially to the Judge Council that worked, voted and decided on the adoption of this Verdict and to the first-instance court or the Basic Civil Court Skopje to finish this matter as quickly as possible. By finishing we mean to accept the motion for repeating the procedure, to rejected the revision and to make a new decision that the Workers' Home should remain for the workers’ as their property, as it has been for more than 60-70 years", added Trendafilov.

The President of the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia hopes that the judges will not submit to political, business or oligarchic pressure regarding this case. He announced the expectation that the procedure will end in 30 to 45 days and that the Workers' Home will remain for the workers’ as their house and property. As finish he added that the Constitutional Court of the Republic of North Macedonia should take a better interest in this case as well, to whom, as he said, a request will be submitted by the members of the trade unions to be determined whether the Constitution in this procedure has also been violated.

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