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Emergent measures- stop to layoffs

Following the adopted Decision for State of Emergency throughout the State, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia received numerous calls from workers that certain careless employers are using the situation and planning to cancel employment contracts for entire companies. In that regard we call the Government immediately (even during this day) to adopt these urgent measures:

- Moratorium on all cancellations of employment contracts due to economic, organizational, technological, structural or similar reasons by the employer (business reasons) for a period of 60 days (a measure taken by Italy to protect workers and prevent abuse) to all employers who are using this difficult time for self-interest)

- Payment of salaries without their reducing, delayed payment of compulsory social security contributions, by having them paid into the appropriate funds within 6 months of overcoming this crisis.

- Delay in payments for loans and reprogramming for 6 months for all private sector workers, citizens and companies.

In these extremely difficult times, solidarity and togetherness are needed and therefore the proposed measures need to be taken urgently so that no one is left without income and salary in times of emergency and health crisis.

Such situation will pass, but we wonder if the workers in the coming period will forgive those employers who abuse the situation for their selfishness.

We appeal for no layoffs as this serious situation can escalate into a discontent that unions will not be able to prevent in future.

Sincerely yours,

Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia

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