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After several years of struggle by the workers and SSM, bankruptcy proceedings have been opened for the former giant AD "Bargala" - Shtip, which produced shoes. After 2 years after the submission of the Request for the termination of the employer AD Bargala from Shtip by more than 80 workers together with the SSM and STKCH and all the obstacles that were made by the bankruptcy judge Emil Pilatov and the temporary bankruptcy trustee Pepi Panev, the Bankruptcy Trustee at the last court hearing in The Court of First Instance - Shtip, which was held on 08.05.2023, finally proposed, at the request of the creditors, bankruptcy proceedings for AD "Bargala"-Shtip, because the account is blocked, and over 50 employees appear as claimants, then AD "Macedonia Insurance" and Komercijalna bank, and on which the claims from the debtor AD "Bargala" amount to over 3.5 million euros.

The struggle waged by the workers together with SSM and STKCH finally gave results and the bosses of AD Bargala from Shtip are no longer bosses but are the same as the workers.

We point out to the workers that within 15 days from the date of publication of the Decision in the Official Gazette, they must submit a report to the Bankruptcy Trustee for personal claims from employment (unpaid wages, annual leave, and compensation and expenses), and for which application they can download at the following link APPLY and attach to it a photocopy of an identity card, a transaction account, an act of the employer (if they have it as an established right) and deliver the same in two copies to the address of the bankruptcy trustee.

At the same time, we instruct the workers who are in employment with the M1M2 form to submit a request to the Employment Agency - AVERM for monetary compensation for material security on the basis of bankruptcy, for which they will receive a solution and payment of the compensation within 30 days. ESA.

Additional information can be obtained from the Trade Union for Textiles, Leather, and Shoes - STKCH

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