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On March 29, 2023, in the premises of SSM, at an agreed meeting with the General Director and union representatives of SGIP from PE National Forests, they discussed increasing the salaries of all employees in the enterprise.

This meeting was held at the request of SGIP after the decision of the Economic and Social Council to increase the minimum wage by 2,175 denars from March of this year, but SGIP as the only representative union at the SSM in the National Forests JP is demanding an increase in the salaries of all employees as it would not a new settlement of wages with other workers took place.

Namely, it was emphasized that the employees first demand the rectification of the injustice from last year when the minimum wage was increased by 2,806.00 denars and only the minimum wage employees received it up to 18,000.00 denars. For this purpose, we demand the rectification of injustice towards all employees, especially the technical-engineering staff who have not received any raise so far.

Furthermore, regular payment of the field salary supplement should be made, and not with a delay of several months.

The most important issue was the start of negotiations for a new collective agreement that will regulate and correct all the shortcomings of the past.

The union representatives of SGIP from the company at the previous meeting, in addition to making a decision for a team of negotiators, decided that if these demands for a salary increase are not met, they will approach the decision to organize a strike, because it is unacceptable to have funds for salary increases of a certain category of employees, but not for those directly involved in the production, i.e. the employees who provide the money in the company.

SGIP remains on the side of the employees of JP National Forests as the only protector of employment rights and will use all Constitutional and Legal mechanisms in the fight for higher wages and dignified working conditions for everyone in the company.

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