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International Workers' Memorial Day- April 28

The pandemic of COVID-19 has shown us how vulnerable we are and how dangerous it can be to the lives and health of workers and people, and how dangerous it can be to the economy as well.

On the International OHS Day, 28, April, we emphasize that all health workers, police, army, communal workers, transport and trade workers, manufacturers, construction workers, workers in food, textile, chemical industry and many others expose their lives to the risk of infection, thus endangering and exposing their families.

Applauding in these moments is good, but what is even better is to increase the wages and improve the working conditions of all workers engaged and exposed to these extremely difficult moments, investing in safety and health at work, investing in the health sector, etc.

In conditions when we all fight together for our and your health, we have not allowed the health crisis to turn into a labor market crisis and in this way, the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia stands for:

  • Recognizing COVID-19 as an occupational disease and providing training on how is treated;
  • Involving workers and their representatives in risk assessment and taking appropriate measures to prevent COVID-19;
  • Preventing workers from losing income due to reduced working hours in order to prevent the virus;
  • Daily tests for all workers who do not feel well;
  • Paid leave for workers who are temporarily unemployed or quarantined due to COVID-19;
  • Creating conditions for physical distance in the workplace as well as regular disinfection of working premises;
  • Making decisions for termination of employment by the representatives of the workers for OSH in case when the requirements for health protection of the workers are not met;
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