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Денешниот собир – една цел е зајакнување на синдикатите на меѓународно ниво
Today's gathering - one of the goals is strengthening of the trade unions at international level

Accession negotiations of the Republic of Macedonia to join the European Union are being challenge to unions. The extent and presence of the social Europe into these areas, particularly for agriculture, food industry and tourism. We have the challenge of defining the role of Trade unions in dealing with the consequences of the economic crisis on working people.

This was said today by the General Secretary of EFFAT Harald Videnhofer at today’s meeting of the Council of Trade Union of workers of agro-industrial complex of Macedonia (AGRO union) and Trade Union of workers from catering, tourism, utility and the housing economy, craftsmanship and safety associations of Macedonia (SUTKOZ).

The meeting was attended by Mato Lalic (Croatia) and Jakim Milunovik (Serbia) from ICM - IUF, while topics of discussion was the "European social partnership and social dialogue and perspectives of workers and unions."

The food industry will be affected by entry into the European Union and therefore options should be prepared in advance. There are resources and funds for agriculture, but there have to be projects using these funds. For example Poland and Bulgaria who received funds but they failed because there was no administrative power to use that money, said Videnhofer.

Europe has the problem of reducing the power of Trade unions. Therefore our aim is to strengthen the unions themselves and increase cooperation on transnational level. One positive example is the integration of agricultural trade unions of Germany, Austria and Turkey.

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