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Presentation of the ccm’s platform on the pension system


Секретарот на ССМ Анѓелко Анѓелковски, претседателот Живко Митревски и раководителот Лилјана Јанкуловска на денешниот прес
General Secretary of CCM Angelko Angelkovski, President Zivko Mitrevski and Ljiljana Jankulovska at today's press

Today at a press conference in CCM was presented the edition of ITUC CSI IGB "Pension Reform in the Western Balkans from European perspective."

President of CCM Zivko Mitrevski also briefed on the platform of CCM on the pension system.

The publication is a result of the 2 year project led by the Norwegian Trade Unions and the Pan-European Committee of the European Confederation of Trade Unions. The goal is to provide analysis of pension systems in many countries of the region, particularly in Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, to identify problems and provide solutions, explained Mitrevski.

Perceptions of the World Bank are not in accordance with the platform of CCM on the pension system. In many countries the retirement age is increasing and therefore for CCM and Macedonia is very favourable the position of the Government not to increase the age limit.

Our ideas for modernizing of the pension system raised last year and will probably be accepted. These are incentives for early retirement, new requirements for certain activities, for heavy jobs, and for victims of privatization and transition, which are discussed at the Economic and Social Council, informed Mitrevski.

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