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Introducing the bwi activities in forestry


Информирање на експертите на BWI за проектите на Синдикатот
BWI experts are being introduced in Trade Union’s projects

Within today's activities with SGIP BWI representatives had a meeting with President of CCM Zivko Mitrevski, who is also president of the Trade Union of the workers in forestry, wood industry and energy of Macedonia.

Mitrevski informed BWI that on April 24 the Second Congress of Trade Union of workers in forestry, forest industry and energy will be held. In the branch collective agreement the labor rights are regulated in a broader scope than in the General Collective Agreement for public sector, especially in terms of salaries, wages and OHS, informed Mitrevski. Trade Union of Forestry, Wood Industry and Energy participates in the certification of forests, with permanent contacts with a specialized institution of the Czech Republic.

BWI officials were informed about changed structure in both branches, and its reflection on the membership. While forestry activity is organized and union membership is compact, in the wood processing industry there was a process of extinction of large mills and creation of small, family companies. Employees in small companies is harder to decide to join, but there are many efforts in that direction.

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