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Ccm will contribute in reducing of the crisis effects


President of SSM Zivko Mitrevski and secretary of the Council of SSM Andjelko Angjelkovski (left)

Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia will continue to participate and contribute to measures of economic policy that will mean reducing the impact of economic crisis - said today CCM President the Zivko Mitrevski on the occasion of the European Action Day which is supported by the Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia, Confederation of Free Trade Unions of Macedonia and Union of Independent and Autonomous Trade Unions of Macedonia as a sign of international trade union solidarity.

ETUC’s data says that 115 million people on the continent are threatened by poverty, and unemployment is growing steadily. Republic of Macedonia has felt the effects of global crisis and our task is to contribute in the fight against poverty and the struggle to achieve social solidarity.

There are many issues that may be placed before the state authorities - said Mitrevski.

Asked about recent increase of prices Mitrevski said that CCM gave proposals for the protection against energy poverty to subsidize energy bills for workers who receive minimum wage.

About the membership in the European Union President Mitrevski explained that the issue of entrance is lead by the politicians, and that trade unions will assist in every challenge of the Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia.

Concerning measures to reduce unemployment Mitrevski said that despite CCM’s repeated commitments in the SEC and other institutions the reduction in unemployment is one of the priority issues. There is a self-employment program and we would like our members to use it as well.

On July 5, 2010 CCM presented their three groups of measures to alleviate the consequences of the economic crisis: measure for economic growth, reducing unemployment and active social dialogue. The goal of CCM is to prevent the economic crisis become social crisis. Government of the Republic of Macedonia in the anti-crisis programs accepted one part of the proposed measures by CCM.

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