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Payment of Bonus Salary for the Employees in the Ministry of Internal Affairs upon request of MPS

The Macedonian Police Union is informing its membership and all the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that the payment of the Bonus Salary for 2019 will start during the month.

As the sole representative trade union in the Ministry of Internal Affairs we contacted the employer and we were informed that the services of the Ministry are completing the final activities for the Bonus Salary Payment Process.

All employees in the Ministry of Internal Affairs who worked more than 150 hours longer than the full time, and were not absent more than 21 days, are eligible for a remuneration of one average salary pursuant to Article 117 paragraph 4 of the Labor Law.

The Macedonian Police Union sincerely believes that this process is already completed and finally in the future the budgets of the MoI will be regularly designed and shall provide the payment of the Bonus Salary, in order workers to receive their employment rights in a timely manner in order to prevent lawsuits on this basis resulting in pumping out an enormous amount of money from the MoI budget which is necessary for the normal functioning of the Ministry.

At the same time, we would like to express our gratitude to all stakeholders in the Ministry of Interior and MPS who have worked to resolve this pressing issue in the past.

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